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Why Using Social Media to Manage Complaints Is Bad for Business

June 25, 2015

Social media is a powerful tool.

Venue managers can use it to engage their fans and stir up some hype during important events.

But, what happens when someone complains?

You might have broken cup holders throughout your venue…and the only way for guests to report this issue to your staff is through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Is that the type of branding you want? Is that how you’d like the world to see your venue?

Mind you, that’s only a few cup holders…


We understand the culture of connectivity venue managers and, in some cases, team owners strive to employ.

But the new trend of believing it’s OK to utilize social media as the channel for this type of communication just isn’t efficient – or logical.

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A Guard Tour System Evolves Venue Operations

April 07, 2015

The industry talks, and we listen.

What we hear is lack of accountability and inefficiency are problems with guard tour systems.  

Knowing whether security staff is conducting their scheduled inspections is an ongoing challenge for venue managers throughout the industry.

Ambiguous processes and old-school systems prevent venue operations from tackling these two very vital aspects of their operation.

We’re going to help you overcome this. It’s time to advance your venue’s operation. It’ll ultimately result in a safer environment…for everyone.

We’re not going to deliver a rundown of features today, instead we’d like to share a thought-out compilation of ways professional venue managers overcome weaknesses and grow into a streamlined organization.

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4 Ways Venue Management Software Removes Stress

March 19, 2015

Whether you’re a venue, stadium or event manager, venue management software can help remove your stress.

We’re not saying it’s the cure all, but with purpose you can quickly put the practices we talk about today in place for a stress-free, efficient and effective operation.

It’s been a while since we got down to the basics; that’s what we’re going to do – get down to the basics of safely and purposefully managing your upcoming events using venue management software.

Keep reading, because we all know it many times takes strengthening your foundation to get a grasp on what’s undeniably causing your event day stress.

Let’s get down to the basics that lead to peace of mind.

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