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How to Never Stop Improving Your Operation (Even at 94)

May 25, 2017

“Building a better battery is the holy grail for people who want better technology. Now researchers at the University of Texas, Austin say they may have found that battery — or something close. But their claims have sparked controversy,” writes Moshe Buchele in their latest NPR article entitled “At 94, Lithium-Ion Pioneer Eyes A New Longer-Lasting Battery.”

A little controversy is expected when you’re challenging the status quo.

We’d also argue that it applies to every industry. Agree?

Buchele continues that “at the center of this debate is a towering figure in the world of science – John Goodenough, who teaches material science at the university.”

So, how does Goodenough play a role in this improvement?

According to the NPR article, “In 1980, his work led to the invention of the lithium-ion battery — now crucial to powering everything from cellphones and laptops to electric cars. For a lot of people, that would probably be enough. But at 94 years old, he's still at it.”

You read correctly. He’s 94 years old and still changing the world.

“Now, Goodenough and his team say they've created a new battery that may store up to five times more power than current ones. And, even better, such a battery would charge and recharge in a matter of minutes — all without exploding,” explains Buchele.

Goodenough’s team’s new invention could change the way we power everything, from how, to how long.

Accomplish a feat like this and anything is possible. The results would be exponential and influence innovation across all industries.

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How to Prevent an Oscar-Like Blunder in Your Operation

March 02, 2017

Did you watch the Oscars Sunday?

It was “crazy,” and certainly one that all 32.9 million viewers won’t forget.

According to the latest NPR article by Linda Holmes entitled “A Shocking Ending Caps A Big Oscar Night For 'Moonlight” the night didn’t end the way it started, by a long shot.

Holmes writes, “For quite a while, Sunday night's Oscars seemed fairly tame. La La Land, the retro musical with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, came into the Oscars as a favorite, having tied the nomination record with a total of 14.

She continues that “by the time they prepared to announce best picture, La La Land had gone on a late run and nabbed six awards: for production design, cinematography, best original score, best original song ("City Of Stars"), best actress (Stone) and best director. Its path to best picture seemed clear.”

Or, did it?

Keep reading; because this is where the night gets interesting.

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21 Reasons Why Michael Phelps Never Stops Improving

August 11, 2016


All you can hear is your thoughts.

You stand with one leg on the block, the other flat on the Rio 2016 Olympics Aquatic Stadium floor.

Your eyes peer through the bright lights as you examine every aspect of the water in your lane. You’re queued to take your place on the block.

“I’m number one,” you say to yourself. All the work you’ve done over the last four years was for this moment.

You’re ready – and this time, it’s different. You’re up against the young man that beat you in the same event four years ago.

You’re the best in the world. You intend to prove it tonight.

“Please step down,” the announcer calmly says over the speaker. You’ve been deep in your thoughts that you didn’t realize the screams across the stadium.

Everyone is ready for you to make history. But, you’re too focused to let it affect your purpose.

You step off the block one last time. You remember why you’re here: to prove why you’re the best in the world. You’re number one.

The starting signal sounds.

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How to Boost Guest Screening Proficiency at Your Property

April 21, 2016

You are running through your scheduled tasks for the day.

It’s a typical day. You are feeling good.

But, you get a call from your security supervisor that changes everything.

Someone used a cooler to sneak in and sell fake merchandise of your soccer team to guests. It got through because the merchandise was hidden in plastic under ice.

You are not feeling good anymore. Your blood pressure jumps – you react.

You have to respond along with the police, generate an incident report, trespass the suspects.

Then, you must spend the rest of your afternoon locating the unsuspecting victims who bought the fraudulent merchandise. You need to save the day.

It is a lot of responsibility to take on. What needs to be done?

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"Tin Cats" Force More Tabletop Exercises & Tighter Security

January 14, 2016

Since the Paris terrorist attacks, venue security teams are being tested.

The need to rely on tabletop exercises and tougher security measures is high.

It’s easy to assume that your next event will lead to the discovery of more weapons, more problems, and more reasons to practice protocols-to-handles.

Are you prepared?

To make matters worse, a new weapon has made its way on the prohibited items list of many venues. You might already know it exists.

Or, you might not…and that’s detrimental to your operation.

We want to be sure that you’re aware of it so you can prepare for it.

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