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The 4 Steps to Improving Communication Across Departments

April 06, 2017

Communication among departments on the days leading up to each event is always a challenge.

The chaos that results from bad communication is stressful enough.

But, the icing is that it probably has caused you to deal with big hits to your budget as well.

The marketing team oversold their sponsorships, and they’ve decided to let you know – this morning. Sound familiar?

How do you take control of all the chaos? How do you begin improving communication among all departments while getting the details you need on time?

Poor communication can have disastrous consequences. Don’t you think so?

It’s even worse when it accumulates and affects all areas of your operation. Right? Painful – we know.

But, don’t worry. You can fix it.

Let’s first consider why there may be a breakdown.

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How to Prevent an Oscar-Like Blunder in Your Operation

March 02, 2017

Did you watch the Oscars Sunday?

It was “crazy,” and certainly one that all 32.9 million viewers won’t forget.

According to the latest NPR article by Linda Holmes entitled “A Shocking Ending Caps A Big Oscar Night For 'Moonlight” the night didn’t end the way it started, by a long shot.

Holmes writes, “For quite a while, Sunday night's Oscars seemed fairly tame. La La Land, the retro musical with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, came into the Oscars as a favorite, having tied the nomination record with a total of 14.

She continues that “by the time they prepared to announce best picture, La La Land had gone on a late run and nabbed six awards: for production design, cinematography, best original score, best original song ("City Of Stars"), best actress (Stone) and best director. Its path to best picture seemed clear.”

Or, did it?

Keep reading; because this is where the night gets interesting.

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Lost and Found Software Keeps All Departments Accountable

July 12, 2016

“Yes, certainly. We can take care of that for you,” you respond to Shari over the phone.

Shari has requested a proposal to host an event at your property.

You have a lot going on during event days like today, but always have time to seed another possible sale.

“Of course,” you continue.

While you and Shari continue your conversation, Jason from your security team walks up to the counter with a cell phone.

He puts the cell phone behind the counter. “Chris found this phone near men’s restroom 103-A,” he whispers to avoid interrupting you.

You nod from habit.

Eight minutes later, you finish your sales call with Shari. As you reach for the stapler, you see the lost cellphone Jason left behind.

You grab the phone. “Shoot, what was this for,” you exclaim.

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Use Text Communication to Catch Unruly Employees

May 24, 2016

“Does anyone have any last-minute questions?” you say to your security team.

The majority of the group begins shaking their heads. You get the indication that everyone is on board with the event action plan.

Tonight’s event starts in seven minutes.

You make your way to the Command Center where your front-of-house team is waiting for you. Your Security Supervisor, Terry, joins you in the Command Center. You require all your department heads to be in the Command Center at event start.

They usually get pulled out for other calls. However, you like to do a quick Command Center meeting to kick off each event. This ensures everyone is on the same page.

“Hi, Susan,” you say to your director of guest services, and you walk through the door. “Hey, Steve!” you shout to your operations coordinator.

After a few more greetings and a radio check with your back-of-house Command Center, the room gets quiet. The event starts.

Issue and incident calls come in before most games start. However, the velocity of calls picks up once the guests congregate into the stadium bowl.

A couple of hours of standard incident calls – wet spills, unruly spectators – go by without a hitch. Everyone is on top of his or her game. Nothing seems to be slipping through the cracks.

However, in an instant, that all changes. Your team receives an incoming call that causes you to get involved quickly.

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7 Ways to Spot Problem Employees with Equipment Inspection Software [Infographic]

December 01, 2015

We often talk about accountability, and the truth is, we’re not the experts. You are.

We just make it our life’s work to listen really well to what you’re saying.

Staff not executing and lack of accountability are two common challenges faced by professional managers. You know it’s happening, but how do you solve it?

How can you take control of your operation?

A black hole of checklists, work orders, and fragmented processes prevent you from identifying your problem employees. Does this sound familiar?

The good news is, equipment inspection software can help you enhance your operation because it makes tracking accountability achievable.

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