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5 Qualities of a Guard Tour System Professionals Use

July 07, 2015

You probably know:

A guard tour system can be the difference between a professional operation and something slipping through the cracks.

For several years, wand systems have reigned amongst security operations.

Don’t get us wrong, they work.

But, you’re a professional organization…which is why you need to keep reading.

We’re going to discuss the top qualities of guard tour software – the software that professionals use.

You might be thinking:

There has to be a better way to increase efficiency and ensure accountability throughout my security operation.

Good news, there is.

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A Guard Tour System Evolves Venue Operations

April 07, 2015

The industry talks, and we listen.

What we hear is lack of accountability and inefficiency are problems with guard tour systems.  

Knowing whether security staff is conducting their scheduled inspections is an ongoing challenge for venue managers throughout the industry.

Ambiguous processes and old-school systems prevent venue operations from tackling these two very vital aspects of their operation.

We’re going to help you overcome this. It’s time to advance your venue’s operation. It’ll ultimately result in a safer environment…for everyone.

We’re not going to deliver a rundown of features today, instead we’d like to share a thought-out compilation of ways professional venue managers overcome weaknesses and grow into a streamlined organization.

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6 Ways to Augment Existing Credentials with Credentialing Software

November 18, 2014

Does your operation get bogged down from investigating unwanted people entering your property with improper credentials? Or worse, people with no credentials at all?

While most credentials are designed and created for certain access locations and times, they’re not created for a specific individual.

We’re sure you’re aware that this creates an opportunity for others to produce counterfeits. Rather than getting denied access to your property, people are able to get access to private locations they didn’t pay for.

The inability to manage areas with too many patrons is another problem we know you’re faced with. Your capacity limits cannot be maintained, simply because technology to do so has never existed.

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7 Ways to Spot Problem Employees with Equipment Inspection Software

October 07, 2014

We talk accountability like we’re experts in the matter. The truth is…we’re not. We just listen to what the experts are saying.

One of the common challenges faced by facility managers that we hear quite often is execution. Another is not being able to prove it. You know it’s happening, but a major obstacle is in front of you.

A black hole of checklists, work orders and fragmented processes prevent you from identifying your problem employees. Equipment inspection software enhances your facility management operation and makes tracking accountability doable.

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A Simple Guide to Counterfeit Proof Credentials for Event Managers

September 25, 2014

Most credentials are designed and created for certain access locations and times, but not for a specific person.

This opens up the door for anyone to produce counterfeits. Rather than getting denied, guests are evasively sliding under the radar and receiving VIP treatment they didn’t pay for.

Another problem with current credentialing methods is the inability to manage areas with too many patrons. Capacity limits cannot be maintained simply because the technology has not existed, resulting in unwanted chaos.

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