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How Preventive Maintenance Software Can Maximize Profits

July 18, 2017

Your maintenance operation is the core of your property.

It shapes how your customers perceive your effectiveness.

Do they see broken furniture? Does the power always go out in areas of your property? Are the property’s employees always contacting your team because defective equipment is hindering their workday?

Or, is everything running smoothly and looking good?

Your ability to achieve the latter is necessary.

But, how is it affecting your bottom line? Are you spending so much money to fix and maintain equipment that you’re losing money?

You need to employ preventive maintenance software if that’s the case.

A strategy that includes a CMMS with a preventive aspect helps you maximize where your resources are going.

Today, we’re going to explain what you need to do, because it doesn’t stop at implementing the system.

There’s more work to do.

Are you ready?

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Choosing a CMMS: 8 Questions You Need to Ask

May 30, 2017

Say this five times fast…

Computerized Maintenance Management System.

Talk about a tongue twister, right?

It’s as difficult to say as it is to choose one.

We feel your pain because we built one from scratch.

Know we’re here to answer your prayers and give you the valuable insight into the dreaded process: purchasing your first system or making the switch to a new one.

Before you even begin comparing vendors, there are a few points to consider.

  • What are your objectives?
  • How do you start the process of finding a solution?

Maintenance systems can be robust, but also cumbersome at the same time.

How do you sift through the nonsense? How do you find the one which brings value to your facility – the one with the greatest potential return on investment?

There’s so much to consider. It’s exhausting.

But, you need to make a decision before your next inspection.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Facility Managers

May 09, 2017

Facility managers define their operation.

They create the foundation, the processes, develop their team’s talent, and bring goals to fruition.

But, what does it take to achieve the level of being a truly effective facility manager?

From the way you train your team to how often you achieve a perfect compliance rating, you might be thinking that it’s a surface-level concept.

Yes, that’s worth an applause.

But, while all of that is commendable, we wouldn’t have written this article if we thought that was enough.

We like the purposeful details, actions, and habits.

What are the specific measures facility managers need to take? How do you ensure you become a highly effective manager?

How can this result turn a cost center into a profit center? Then, how do you ensure you can continue to increase profit?

Keep reading; we’re going to lay it all out for you.

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How to Use Your CMMS for Other Departments to Boost Efficiency

April 11, 2017

You’re frustrated.

You find something that needs fixing or replacing every time you walk to another department.

“Our ability to keep this property looking good shouldn’t rest only on us,” you tell Chris, your senior engineer.

He shrugs and nods in agreement.

But, he doesn’t appear to have a solution or even a thought-provoking response to your statement.

You sit on his desk for a few minutes to think.

“How do we leverage all of the departments and staff to help keep this place up to snuff?” you say aloud.

Chris responds nonchalantly, “maybe we should look into a new CMMS…,” and then continues his paperwork.

You pause to process what he said. But, before you can respond, Chris chimes back in.

“Our current system is so outdated that we’re still doing everything on paper. How could we expect anyone else to play along and bring us work requests?” he asks.

You know he’s right.

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Get the Best CMMS Software for Your Needs [Infographic]

March 21, 2017

You’ve been looking for a new CMMS.

But, you’re hesitant. You’re not sure whether it’s the strategic route to go.

You’ve been asking yourself, “Should I be pursuing a new maintenance solution for our property? Or stick with what we have?”

You’re always telling your team, “Buying new CMMS software is just as stressful and overwhelming as operating one.”

Your current system is the cause of at least 70% of your stress. But, you know what you have and fear you may pick something worse.

You know it’s time to make the change!

You probably think that there’s no way to make this process an easy one.  

Or, that choosing a new CMMS could ever come close to being pleasant, right?

We’ve got good news today. We’re here to help make your search and selection a smooth one.

To show you how to start the selection process and end it with CMMS software that fits your needs, we created an infographic. It’ll show you how to get the buying process started, who to involve, and what steps to take when evaluating solutions.

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