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3 Ways to Be a Successful Steward of Safety

June 27, 2017

You’re tasked with being the steward of safety at your property.

Ponder that responsibility.

Now, take a deep breath – because it’s a big responsibility.

The security of your guests, co-workers, boss, and every single person who enters your property lies on your shoulders.

You’re always collecting and analyzing tons of information.

From do this, to do that, you’re always faced with supplemental training, new policies or changes in industry best practices, and then tasked to train and monitor your team.

Are they doing everything they need or could be doing?

How do you keep up with all that? How do you know what best practices should be in place for your property?

Don’t you sometimes feel like the tail of a wagging dog?

Let’s change that today.

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How to Boost Guest Screening Proficiency at Your Property

April 21, 2016

You are running through your scheduled tasks for the day.

It’s a typical day. You are feeling good.

But, you get a call from your security supervisor that changes everything.

Someone used a cooler to sneak in and sell fake merchandise of your soccer team to guests. It got through because the merchandise was hidden in plastic under ice.

You are not feeling good anymore. Your blood pressure jumps – you react.

You have to respond along with the police, generate an incident report, trespass the suspects.

Then, you must spend the rest of your afternoon locating the unsuspecting victims who bought the fraudulent merchandise. You need to save the day.

It is a lot of responsibility to take on. What needs to be done?

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The Most Important Factor to Consider When Outsourcing Event Security

February 18, 2016

Do you outsource event security for your property?

If not, have you considered doing it this year?

It might be a good time to consider doing so, especially with the increased number of global terrorist threats.

Running your operation, and then having to worry about developing an effective security operation, only leads to stress.

Not to mention, it can open the door to errors and incidents slipping through the cracks.

Does that sound like ‘peace of mind’ to you?

Taking on more stress is unnecessary when there are several professional security companies available for outsourcing.

Many of them offer a great service and have the experience to back it up.

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"Tin Cats" Force More Tabletop Exercises & Tighter Security

January 14, 2016

Since the Paris terrorist attacks, venue security teams are being tested.

The need to rely on tabletop exercises and tougher security measures is high.

It’s easy to assume that your next event will lead to the discovery of more weapons, more problems, and more reasons to practice protocols-to-handles.

Are you prepared?

To make matters worse, a new weapon has made its way on the prohibited items list of many venues. You might already know it exists.

Or, you might not…and that’s detrimental to your operation.

We want to be sure that you’re aware of it so you can prepare for it.

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3 Sure-Fire Methods for Being an Effective Steward of Safety

January 13, 2015

You are the steward of safety at property.

Take a step back and ponder this responsibility, and then take a deep breath – because it’s big.

The safety of your patrons, colleagues, boss and every person who enters your property rests on your shoulders.

You’re constantly taking in overwhelming amounts of information. From “do this”, to “do that”, you’re always faced with supplemental training in response to new policies or changes in industry policy.

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