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How to Declare Independence From Inefficiency With a Unified Solution

July 04, 2017

Today, we celebrate our independence.

Some of us celebrate Independence Day in the United States. But, all of us will be celebrating our independence from inefficiency by the end of this article.


We’re tired of inefficiencies that slow down and prevent good property operations from becoming the world’s greatest.

From one tool to run guest services to another tool to report incidents, to an entirely different tool for running your facility maintenance.

The list goes on, but we hope not much longer.

Are you running your property this way? What does it do to your team? How does your boss feel knowing they’re paying for several different systems that don’t even talk to one another?

It’s time for a unified solution.

Today is the day you declare your independence from the inefficiencies of using individual tools so you can finally employ Proactive Operations.

Are you ready to set off some high-flying fireworks as you declare your independence?

Let’s do it!

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Are You Blocking the Wrong Things From Getting In?

June 29, 2017

“Social media companies are under pressure to block terrorist activity on their sites, and Facebook recently detailed new measures, including using artificial intelligence, to tackle the problem,” writes Heidi Glenn in their latest NPR article entitled “How Facebook Uses Technology To Block Terrorist-Related Content.”

According to Glenn’s article, “The measures are designed to identify terrorist content like recruitment and propaganda as early as possible in an effort to keep people safe, says Monika Bickert, the company's director of global policy management.”

"We want to make sure that's not on the site because we think that that could lead to real-world harm," she tells NPR's Steve Inskeep in the piece.

Glenn shares in her article that “Bickert says Facebook is using technology to identify people who have been removed for violating its community standards for sharing terrorism propaganda, but then go on to open fake accounts. And she says the company is using image-matching software to tell if someone is trying to upload a known propaganda video and blocking it before it gets on the site.”

How’s that for being proactive?

Glenn’s article sparked the interest of our inner techy. Facebook’s strategy is next level, and they’re using incredibly innovative technology to prevent terrorism from affecting users.

But, Facebook’s initiative has a greater purpose that is the combination of all its actions.

Any idea what we’re talking about here?

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3 Ways to Be a Successful Steward of Safety

June 27, 2017

You’re tasked with being the steward of safety at your property.

Ponder that responsibility.

Now, take a deep breath – because it’s a big responsibility.

The security of your guests, co-workers, boss, and every single person who enters your property lies on your shoulders.

You’re always collecting and analyzing tons of information.

From do this, to do that, you’re always faced with supplemental training, new policies or changes in industry best practices, and then tasked to train and monitor your team.

Are they doing everything they need or could be doing?

How do you keep up with all that? How do you know what best practices should be in place for your property?

Don’t you sometimes feel like the tail of a wagging dog?

Let’s change that today.

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Sometimes You Need to Shift Focus (Again)

June 22, 2017

“The next-generation Ford Focus will be built in China and exported for sale in the U.S., Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday, abandoning a plan to build the small car in Mexico. Production of the new car is scheduled to begin in 2019,” writes Bill Chappell in their recent NPR article entitled “Ford Shifts Focus (Again): Car Will Be Imported To U.S. From China, Not Mexico.”

According to Chappell, “Ford says the move will save it $1 billion in investment costs and will make it "a more operationally fit company." It also promises that "no U.S. hourly employees will be out of a job" because of the move to China.”

A more operationally fit company? Now, we’re interested in this recent development.

“Ford is coming off a record year in China, having sold 1.27 million vehicles there in 2016 — a 14 percent gain over 2015. That figure includes vehicles made in China by Ford's joint ventures, as well as Ford and Lincoln imports. When it opened its sixth assembly plant in China back in 2015, Ford said it could build 1.4 million vehicles a year in the country,” the article continues.

The NPR piece continues that “For Mexico, this is the second dramatic shift from Ford in 2017. The new Focus originally was to be built in the central state of San Luis Potosi, but the company canceled construction of a $1.6 billion plant there in January.”

“Back in November, Ford's then-CEO Mark Fields said the company would move forward with a plan to build the Focus in Mexico. But under new CEO Jim Hackett, that plan has changed again,” Chappell explains.

Ford, being a large corporation, got our attention with this shift.

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The Best Way to Handle Your Special Guest Requests

June 20, 2017

Your first event of the season is underway.

The house is packed. You can feel the energy moving through the halls.

The sales team did a great job filling the seats – and your suites.

Every suite is full of excited guests.

But, you’re still nervous about service, even with all of today’s potential for revenue generation.


You know what’s going to happen an hour into the event once your VIPs and suite guests go through their food and beverages.

They’ll need more stuff.

But, your staff won’t be able to handle the influx of special guest requests coming through the phones.

How do you know this?

You don’t have a scalable way to handle requests.

If your staff is running around doing other important tasks, your guests will have to wait until they come back to their location to make any requests.

That’s right; your team can handle an average volume with their phones, radio, and a checklist.

But when the volume kicks up – things get overwhelming, and efficiency declines.

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