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4 Must-Know Benefits of Task Management Software

August 15, 2017

You’ve got to manage a plethora of data.

From your issues to incidents, to your work orders and guest service requests – your team is communicating a lot of information.

It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re using multiple tools to manage each aspect.

But, that’s not all.

You’re probably using your incident management system (IMS) to manage everything coming into your command center.

Issues, incidents, guest requests, and important operational task are all managed from your IMS.

Does this sound familiar?

We cannot stress enough how dangerous this is to the efficiency of your operation.

It’s a matter of time before low-priority items go under the radar and nothing gets done. You have to change this today.

But, how do you start?

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Do You Know What Your Operation is ‘Made of?’

August 10, 2017

“I entered the packed cafeteria with tray in hand, searching for the right food to eat,” writes Marcelo Gleiser in their recent NPR article entitled “At CERN, In Search Of Nature's Building Blocks.”

“Around me, hundreds of people of all ages spoke excitedly in dozens of different languages, commenting on each other's ideas, asking questions, and thinking of the next steps in their research programs,” Gleiser continues.

“Lunchtime at the United Nations?” he asks in the piece.

“No. Lunchtime at CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics, home of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) — the huge machine that famously discovered the Higgs boson in 2012. I'm spending a month here as a visiting scientist to keep up with the latest results and present some of my own,” Gleiser clarifies.

Gleiser explains to us that, “High-energy particle physics sounds like a very esoteric subject. And, to most people, it is. But once you step into CERN, it's a way of life. Everything here revolves around solving one of nature's most stubborn mysteries, the fundamental material composition of the universe. The essential idea, reminiscent of ancient Greece, is that matter is made of basic building blocks, chunks of stuff that cannot be broken down into smaller constituents. Particle physicists do many things, but the grand task is to find these constituents and figure out how they interact with one another.”

Of course, we read articles like this and always strive to determine how they apply to proactive operations.

This article couldn’t be any clearer.

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The 8 Ways to Optimize Guest Services on Game Day

August 08, 2017

Providing first-rate guest services is paramount.

We know it’s one of the top goals on your list.

We also know it is the top goal on your boss’s list.

The fan experience is essential to everyone’s livelihood.

You certainly can’t guarantee a win, perfect weather, or prevent car trouble on the way.

But you can and must deliver the highest level of service.

Face it.

You’re in the business of creating memories as much as your star players.

Preparing for and delivering to your guests a safe, clean and friendly environment is fundamental to the fan experience and that’s the stuff that leaves guests wanting to return to your stadium for more events.

With your well-trained and dedicated team members, you can ‘make things happen’ at every point of contact with your guests.

For every location, every person on your team can affect a fan’s experience, positively or negatively.

Every impression, every interaction, they all count.

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For Your Property, Wi-Fi Infrastructure Means Opportunity

August 03, 2017

“Residents of some Maine islands say lack of decent internet is keeping them from participating in the economy. Jobs are in short supply and telecommuting isn't practical,” according to Fred Bever’s recent Weekend Edition Sunday podcast on NPR entitled “For Maine Islands, Internet Means Opportunity.”

Weekend Edition Sunday’s host, Lulu Garcia-Navarro, explains in the opening comments of the report that “If you've ever dreamed of moving to an idyllic vacation spot, Maine's coastal islands offer a cautionary tale. Jobs are limited to lobstering, boat building and caretaking of summer residences. And lousy Internet service makes telecommuting difficult to impossible. But now some Maine lobstermen and would-be telecommuters are banding together to pay for costly infrastructure they hope will help preserve a threatened way of life.”

While Maine’s coastal islands are not your property, this story offers an excellent lesson.

The lack of Wi-Fi infrastructure present amongst properties is improving – we’ve certainly noticed. However, not all properties have invested in this upgrade.

In fact, Bever’s report is a cautionary tale on the current limitations associated with having limited or poor Wi-Fi infrastructure.

It’s also a familiar setback many organizations continue to face.

Communication between staff, whether they can perform their role on the fly, and your ability to interact and support guests is greatly influenced by your property’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

How does your property match up? Is it up to par?

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How Incident Management Systems Help Reduce Response Times [Infographic]

August 01, 2017

You’re finding out about critical incidents several minutes after they occur.

Your teams are forced to stop doing what they’re doing to attend more critical situations.

Do you feel like your overseeing triage for an emergency room?

Your team is reactive, and you know it.

You can’t stand this pressure. But, you have no choice. You must get through it.

We bet you’re tired of running around trying to resolve one incident after another. From the young lady who fell near the women’s restroom to the missing 6-year-old boy, your hands are tired.

Let’s untie them.

Here’s your first step: implement an incident management system that helps you manage incidents as they occur.

A system like this will put your team in the position to be proactive – not reactive.

To help you understand how incident management software can contribute to reducing your response times, we created an infographic. It’ll explain how you’re probably operating in reactive mode and how you can transition to Proactive Operations using a solution.

Are you ready to manage your property as you should be?

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